Keyless.Co locks are designed to offer your guests and staff a low maintenance, easy-to-use locker management system for both shared or assigned use lockers. Our battery-free locks mean that your guests and staff will experience zero downtime from unexpected lockouts. We stand by our product and offer 5-year comprehensive warranties, as well as same-day assistance and shipping to over 60 countries. To stay true to your brand identity, our locks can be customized to match your brand colors.


Our mission is to empower business owners and operators worldwide to provide their guests with peace of mind and security in trusting their belongings are safe in every space. We strive to be the most simple, sustainable and secure solution while protecting our products with outstanding customer service and guarantees. Ideal for:

  • Spa lockers

  • Sauna lockers

  • Gym lockers

  • Resort lockers

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