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- Solid metal design
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- User chooses personal code


- Match any pantone
- Custom finishes available
- Bring your vision to life

ADA Options.

- Inclusive design
- ADA compliant lever
- Large luminous # dials

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A thorough compilation of everything you need to know.


Locker Locks: The 3 Must-Have Advantages To Identify Before You Specify

Credits: 1.5 LU | HSWs

Course Number: 52617KC

Provider Number: 404109586


About this Course:

After nearly a decade of consulting with thousands of end-users and managers regarding locker lock operation, their common pain points and overall feedback were compiled in this course to give architects an extensive understanding of the user and business experience.


In addition, this session addresses how that knowledge is critical when making material selections related to this product. During this introductory course, our locker lock industry expert will give architects an all-encompassing view into the current state of the market and the perspective of end-users and facility management.


At the end of this course, architects will have a vast comprehension of the advantages and disadvantages of all significant lock offerings on the market after going through a thorough analysis of each type. This analysis will also include details about how each lock meets project requirements, constraints, and opportunities.


Lastly, architects will learn the three must-have locker lock advantages to identify before they specify to elevate the human experience, enable equitable access, and benefit the environment.



  1. Analyze and describe the current state of the locker lock industry.
  2. Execute a competitive analysis of mechanical locker locks vs. electronic locker locks.
  3. Understand the perspective of both the end-user and the facility management.
  4. Identify the three must-have advantages of a locker lock to identify before you specify.




LEEDV4 is a voluntary whole-building rating system that uses required prerequisites and optional credits to incentivize sustainable design and construction. One way to achieve optional credits is to purchase and install greener building products. With full ingredient disclosure and our product take-back program, Keyless.Co, LLC. locks contribute toward two major new credits in LEEDV4.

LEEDV4 is different from past versions because it now rewards project teams for choosing products with material transparency— meaning they have something like a nutrition label that lists all their ingredients. To get one point, you simply need to gather 20 of these labels for your projects.

Our publicly available, LEED-compliant Health Product Declarations (HPDs) disclose all Keyless1, Keyless360, and KeylessH3 product contents down to 100 parts per million—beyond what LEED requires. These HPDs can help you achieve Option 1 of the new credit called Building Product Disclosure and Optimization – Material Ingredients when you install any Keyless.Co, LLC. lock. You can find our HPDs online by clicking here.

LEED also encourages the purchase of products from companies that have a take-back program so that reusable and recyclable materials don’t end up in the landfill. To claim a point under Building Product Disclosure and Optimization – Sourcing of Raw Materials, you’ll need 25% of your products to meet one of a variety of requirements, including take-back programs like ours.

When locks come back to us—whether it’s after use or because of our performance warranty — we refurbish them if possible and recycle them if not. This extended producer responsibility (EPR) program means that all Keyless.Co, LLC. products contribute toward credits in LEEDV4 under both the building design and construction and the operations and maintenance rating systems.
Contact us at or +1 972-331-2770 to return Keyless.Co, LLC. products through our EPR program.

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Keyless.Co is in the Mindful Materials library! Mindful Materials (mM) is a free platform with aggregated information on human health and environmental impacts for products from leading manufacturers, vetted by experts passionate about making it easier to make informed product choices. Our sustainable locks provide a solution you can feel good about, while also obtaining LEED credits. View the library at

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