After leading Hollman, Inc. to its place as the world’s largest wood veneer and plastic laminate locker manufacturer, Founder, Joe Hollman, recognized a void in the locks for lockers available to the fitness industry. Joe’s vision for a simple, sustainable and secure lock that was durable, required no batteries, and allowed the user to set their own combination – without being obliged to carry around keys or cards, was the start of a locking system that revolutionized locker rooms. In 2012, Keyless.Co released the Keyless1, the first perfect lock. Keyless.Co has become the leading locker lock manufacturer.


To empower business owners and operators worldwide to provide their guests with peace of mind and security in trusting their belongings are safe in every space. We strive to be the most simple, sustainable and secure solution while protecting our products with outstanding customer service and guarantees.


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Since the inception of the Keyless1 in 2012, Keyless.Co has risen to be the global leader of the keyless revolution in locker security in over 60 countries. Based in Irving, Texas, Keyless.Co is the premier locker lock manufacturer and supplier of keyless combination locks, padlock hasp locks and locker hardware for high-security facilities worldwide. Whether you are outfitting lockers in a fitness club, health club, education center, corporate office or retail location, Keyless.Co has the perfect lock for you. Our sustainable security locks operate without keys or batteries, and require a low initial investment with zero ongoing maintenance costs.

Keyless.Co places the highest priority on customer service, backing our products with the strongest replacement warranties in the industry and a track record that has a near-zero defective rate. Overall, the savings from never having to replace keys or batteries average about $40 per lock per year compared to our competitors. Besides being cost-effective and nearly indestructible, these locks are convenient for users who never have to carry keys, padlocks, coins and cards, making them great for shared and assigned locker environments. Keyless.Co combination locks are equipped with our patented anti-pick technology and reprogrammable Master key system to ensure the highest level of security in your locker room.

Sturdy, stylish, and humidity resistant, Keyless.Co’s locks are a favorite choice among elite health clubs and other high-traffic, security-conscious locations, including Amazon, Apple, Boeing, CBRE, Coca Cola, Dallas Cowboys Stadium, The Empire State Building, Equinox Fitness, Facebook, Fitness First, Fitness Time, Four Seasons Hotels, Hyatt Hotels, IBM, Intel, Lifetime Fitness, Porsche, Ritz Carlton Hotels and many others.


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Simple. Sustainable. secure



Keyless1: The first perfect lock released



Keyless360 Gen 1 Created



KeylessH3 Gen 1 Created



Estera Kuhlmann named President



Keyless.Co Locks used in over 60 Countries