• Shared (temporary) or assigned (permanent) use operating expenses.
• 2-digit alphanumeric combination new credits.
• Compatible with wood, glass, plastic, phenolic & metal locker doors 
• Zero operating expenses -no batteries or wires
• LEED V4 - adds 2 LEED credits
• 5-year comprehensive warranty
• One Master Key has 3 functions: bypasses the code, resets the lock, and retrieves
  the code - all conveniently from the front
• Lock features reprogrammable - cylinder. When Master Key is lost or stolen, new
  Master Key is issued. Simply insert new Master Key and cylinder is reprogrammed -
  patented solution

• Anti-pick and tamper resistant user code.
• Self-correcting, Breakaway Knob protects against forced entry -
  patented solution
 • IP69K - Complete dust and water resistance
• Strong 100% metal for long-term and heavy-use - no plastic
• The same lock model with ADA lever available


• Sleek and modern design operating expenses.
• Standard, premium & custom finishes new credits.
• Large, clear combination digits, double the size of any competitors
  (5mm tall), that don’t fade
• Sufficient digit and dial spacing that prevents accidental lockouts
• Strongest latch (bolt) in the industry and cannot be forced unlocked
• 5-year comprehensive warranty
• One Master Key has 3 functions: bypasses the code, resets the lock, and
• Dead bolt or spring bolt latch type (standard offset 31mm - addtl available)
• Simple 2 screw installation
• Surface mounted

• Accommodates doors 1- 21mm thickness
• Standard vertical 3-hole routing Easy 2-screw plug and play
• Easily retrofits from most locks on most locker doors.
  "The Ultimate Retrofit Lock"
• Ergonomic non-slip grip
• One step twist-&-pull operation
• Knob rotates 90 degrees (from 12 o'clock to 3 o'clock) on left and
  right hand locks
• Latch is simply interchangeable to left or right
• Clear locked and unlocked status indicator is visible from a distance
• Immediate live response during business hours - no run around.
 ( or 972.331.2770)

keyless360 Architect drawing



• Sustainable – no batteries, no wires, no waste, no operating expenses.
• LEED V4 – Keyless locks contribute toward two major new credits.
• Reprogrammable to alternate master keys. Simply insert new manager key to rekey – patented solution.
• Easy keyless operation. Locks with any user selected 2-digit alphanumeric code. No need for code logs.
• 5-year comprehensive warranty.
• Assigned or shared use.
• For use in wet or dry areas.
• Resets from front. Manager access key doesn’t alter user code.
• Solid metal design for long-term heavy use/no plastic component.
• Integrated knob/pull.
• Self-correcting knob for maximum security.
• Accommodates doors 1-21mm/0.04” – 0.82” thick.
• Deadbolt offset 31mm/ 1.22”.
• Compatible with wood, phenolic, glass and metal lockers.

KEYLESS360 Architectual Specifications