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In a rare situation when the Master Key is lost, inaccessible, or inoperable— and the lock needs to be removed from the locker door for an emergency situation, please follow these lock drilling instructions to avoid locker door damage. Keyless.Co, LLC is not responsible for locker door damage due to improper lock removal.


Please drill carefully to avoid door damage. Keyless.Co, LLC is not responsible and will not cover damaged locker doors.


2 Step Emergency Removal of KEYLESS1

While Keyless1 locks are secure and have a very low defect rate, there maybe rare situations where it is necessary to remove the lock in order to open the locker. For example, if the Master Key is missing or compromised and the locker is locked with an unknown code, you may need to drill through to open the lock. To do this, you will need a power drill, a 1/2” (12.7mm) drill bit, and a wrench or other tool to hold the knob. Please take caution when drilling, as Keyless.Co warranty does not cover damage to lockers. While grasping the knob with wrench, place the drill bit in the center of the knob and begin drilling. You will drill all the way through the lock until the cam assembly falls off of the back of the lock. Locker will then open freely. In the event of an emergency lock removal, please contact Keyless.Co or the locker manufacturer to report the damaged lock and obtain a new lock.

Required Tools




1/2″ (12.7mm) Drill Bit

Power Drill

Power Drill

Step 1

Drill through the key hole while holding the knob with the pliers.


Step 2

Drill through the key hole until the cam falls off.

Download Keyless1 Emergency Removal Instructions